A Heaping Heart Full of Humility

Linda shares personal experiences that have humbled her and taught her the value God places on humility. She discusses the differences between humility and humiliation, and the positive results that humility will bring about as we practice it in our own lives. Optional: Linda will perform an original humorous dramatization of a Modern Day Martha, from the familiar Bible story of Mary and Martha.

Clothed in Christ

Linda speaks to the hearts of women about how as daughters of the Lord we need to reflect our inner God-given beauty. We’ll discover how to adorn ourselves with the same spiritual “garments” worn by Christ. Optional: Also available is a humorous skit written by Linda entitled The Fashion Show, which may be performed by the women of your church as a fun and entertaining introduction to her talk.

Hope – God Can use Suffering for Good

A story of healing and hope from Linda’s own life, describing how God faithfully carried her through emotional and physical pain. Optional: An original monologue performed by Linda entitled, The Wife of Job.

Joshua’s Story

As depicted in her book, Joshua’s Story, Linda tells how God intervened in the life of Linda’s third child, Joshua. Linda was at the point of death during the fifth month of her pregnancy. The specialist who was called in advised that her baby be delivered immediately, or she would not survive. A decision was made to leave the results to God. Linda was healed, and then informed that Joshua would most likely be born physically or mentally challenged. Linda and her husband, Gary, knew that they would love their child, no matter what his condition. The results were truly a gift from God.

Leading Children’s Devotions in the Home

Suggestions on how to have a vital and practical devotional life with your children. This message would be very appropriate for a MOPS group, or any other gathering of young mothers.

Led By Love

Linda shares her journey of finding Christ as her Bridegroom with the loving intention of enticing other women to also become a “Bride of Christ.”  This talk is aimed at both single and married women, yet fits in nicely with a wedding theme for your event.  She suggests as a feature her humorous Style Show drama for the women to present on their own as part of the program.  Another idea would be to exhibit wedding gowns, personal pictures and memorabilia from guests attending the event.

Powerful Praise

Linda addresses difficult questions we often ask as we progress in our spiritual journeys: How can we praise God when we don’t feel like it? Are we expected to praise Him for trials and pain? She also discusses ways to express praise to God. Optional: Questions are available for a meaningful group discussion time after her message.

Take a Break with God

Prayer is our source of connection with a powerful and loving God. In Take a Break with God, Linda focuses on how to make prayer a life style! She shares ways to see your prayer life become what it is intended to be, a vital and growing adventure, not a stagnant daily duty. Optional: An original skit on prayer is available to be performed by your women’s group as an introduction to her talk.

You are in Control of Your Life:  True or False?

This is a message of Linda’s personal testimony as she gradually discovered that there was Someone who was far more trustworthy to be in charge of her life than herself.  She shares situations that brought her to this crucial decision to place her life in her heavenly Father’s hands.


Hope . . . God’s Gift to a Broken World

This topic is critically significant today with the ongoing changes and catastrophes that take place in our confused world every day and affect the lives of each one of us.

She speaks from personal experience and from the scriptures with humor and encouragement to help others to receive God’s offer of peace and hope that is available through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Customized Talks

Linda will customize a talk/drama to meet the specific needs of an event.  Please feel free to contact Linda if you have a particular topic that you would like her to speak on at your event or retreat.