The Primrose Papers

Here is what people are saying about The Primrose Papers:

“Linda has woven an intricate, multi-faceted story capturing both the intensity of emotion and the pleasant scenic beauty. The Primrose Papers is one of those books you can’t put down as the reader travels between two simultaneous plot lines involving love, fortune, deception and international intrigue.  The Primrose Papers should be  on everyone’s ‘must read’ list.” – Reverend Thomas Murel, LIFETREE CHURCH

“My childhood friend, using her splendid storytelling skills, creates another outstanding and inspiring novel.  Linda uses her marvelous gifts to weave the issues of today’s world into a wonderful and though-provoking story sure to challenge readers.  I highly recommend The Primrose Papers to my colleagues and anyone else who enjoys insightful fiction.” – Betty J. McGuire, PRESIDENT/CEO CITY LIFE CENTER 

“Linda Ruth Stai has done it again! In this sequel to The Rose Journal, Cassie now has grown children of her own and the story of this small-town family continues from the perspective of her grown daughter, Annie. The generations meet life head-on and legacies are forged, bathed in the light of the gospel of Christ, some British flair, and a good mystery in the telling. It is easy to identify with the characters, and interesting to see how lives intertwine more than we may know and how God is with us in our daily struggles. The Primrose Papers is engaging, refreshing and fun.” – Patricia M. Hoeft, MD, RICE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL

“I thoroughly enjoyed Linda’s delightful weaving of intrigue and thought-provoking life stories! Her intricate descriptions bring the reader into the fascinating culture, countryside and history of both England and rural Minnesota while engaging in meaningful insights into the God-given value of life for all ages, from conception through old age. Excellent read—I loved it and want to read it again to catch all the complexities!” – Susan Veldhuizen, MINISTRY PARTNER AT CONVERGE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES

The Primrose Papers is a compelling story that weaves the lives of women past and present with threads of courage and faith.  This is a gem of a book that draws old friends together, unlocks past and present mysteries and in the end, affirms the value of living a full life in Christ.   It’s a story that will stay with you for years to come.”  – Julie Leesong Norman, AUTHOR OF KNITTING BY FAITH