The Rose Journal

Here is what people are saying about The Rose Journal:

“What a book! Linda’s real-life love for God and people jump from the pages of this amazing tale. With an artist’s skill, Linda paints an exquisite canvass of characters who are both colorful and believable. She creatively addresses the issues of our day in a way that has left a mark on my life.” – Pastor Ivan Veldhuizen, EDINBROOK CHURCH

“The Rose Journal is a compelling story that captures your heart and soul. This novel will inspire your faith as well as give you hope.” – Susan Germanson, AUTHOR OF OUCH! LIFE CAN HURT, BUT HEALING IS YOUR CHOICE

“The Rose Journal will be a great source of hope and encouragement to anyone who is suffering. Cassandra’s story demonstrates how God can work through all circumstances, even mind-numbing tragedies, to fulfill His purposes and give us hope. Pro-Life issues are also woven into the intriguing story line. Linda’s compassionate viewpoint extends God’s love and hope to women who have experienced an abortion.” – Jeanette Vought Ph.D., L.P., LICSW, LMFT, FOUNDER AND EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF CHRISTIAN RECOVERY CENTER

“Praise for Linda Stai! Her book is riveting! I found myself putting other things aside so that I could read “just one more chapter.” And of course, that led to having to “just finish the book!” The characters jump right off the page and live in your heart and mind long after you have finished.” – Rebecca Carter, THE PATH DRAMA MINISTRY

“Characters and settings come alive as Linda vividly chronicles the journey of one young girl through womanhood, along the way finding faith and strength beyond her own. The reader is drawn into experiences so human, with hardships and tragedies so heartbreaking, yet imbued with hope and triumphs.” – Patricia M. Hoeft, MD, RICE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL

“With Linda’s strong and convincing character development, you’ll have to remind yourself that you’re reading fiction. She has woven contemporary issues so delicately into her story you will not only enjoy this book yourself, but will be eager to pass it on to believers and unbelievers alike.” – Lonnie West, LIBRARY STAFF AND FORMER CHRISTIAN BOOKSTORE EMPLOYEE

“As the pastor Linda has known since she took her first step on the bus to the country school house, I found special delight in reading her novel. As you come to the final chapters, you will find that there can be victory in suffering. Her scrupulous details all point to a purpose that shows God’s leading all along.” – Reverend Palmer E. Sevig, RETIRED AND LIVING IN WILLMAR, MINNESOTA