About Linda

Linda Ruth StaiLinda Ruth Stai is an author, wife, mother and grandmother who has discovered the joy and satisfaction that life can give since she turned over the controls of her life to God and let Jesus Christ capture her heart and invade her life with His love and wisdom!

She grew up in a loving Christian home, worked as a feature newspaper reporter, actress with a Christian traveling drama troupe, and also with the Billy Graham Evangelical Association.

Her novel, The Rose Journal, is the first book in her Life Series and may be enjoyed alone or used with the study guide, The View From Eternity.  The Primrose Papers is the second book in her Life Series and sequel to The Rose Journal.  She also wrote Joshua’s Story, a true story about her pro-life experience with their youngest son’s birth, and has published several dramas and devotionals.

She speaks for the Stonecroft Women’s Ministry and works part-time with a pro-life ministry.