Do you know what your assignment is?

Gideon didn’t.    “The Lord is with you, O valiant warrior” (Judges 6:12b) was the greeting he received from the angel of the Lord.  Gideon belonged to the least of the tribes of Manasseh in Israel and he was the youngest in his father’s house.  He wasn’t involved in fighting a war, just beating out wheat in the wine press to save it from an attack by the  Midianites. Can you imagine him maybe looking around or behind him to see who the “valiant warrior” was?

Gideon saw himself as an unimportant, fearful human being.  But God saw Gideon as the valiant warrior he would become!

The question for me–and you–to ask is not, “How do I see myself?” but instead, “How does God see me?”

Our short time spent in this world is not for the purpose of making ourselves happy–by providing for our own pleasures, comforts and possessions–but rather for the purpose of serving God.  

He has an assignment for each of us to accomplish while we are on Planet Earth.  

So what if God’s chosen assignment does not provide me with all the comforts and conveniences I desire?  What if it doesn’t allow me to enjoy good health?  What if my circumstances don’t match up to my hopeful expectations?  If we belong to God–purchased by the precious blood of Jesus Christ–God is preparing an eternal home for us with more pleasures than we can begin to imagine, and a perfect body and mind with which to relish those delights forever!  In the meantime, God places us where He wants us to work towards the growth of His Kingdom.  Maybe He is trusting me–or you–with a difficult, challenging assignment here that will yield the richest of eternal rewards when we arrive in Heaven!  What could be better?  

What is your assignment?  Do you know it?  If not, ask God to show you.  

Do you think you can’t handle it?  God told Gideon, “Go in this your strength . . . have I not sent you?”  part of Judges 6:14  

He speaks the same to me and you today.  


  1. I have long love Gideon and appreciate your observations!! One of the little ironies of life is that when we live seeking to be happy we often aren’t and when we live seeking to please the Father’s heart He fills us with joy! Just as you said, that doesn’t necessarily mean healthy and wealty – but even in the middle of trials we can have joy. Bless your heart, Linda!

    • Thanks for your comments, Jonni, and your sweet letter. May God bless you today as you serve Him by caring for His precious little ones!

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